Pasture raised chicken

We raise Cornish Cross broilers in the “Salatin” style. Our birds spend their first 3 weeks indoors in a brooder where they are protected from weather and predators. At 3 weeks old they have enough feathers to be moved outside into our mobile pens. The pens are moved to fresh grass daily and surrounded by electric netting which has proven effective in keeping the birds safe.

The chickens are fed a conventional, non-medicated ration. Once outdoors they supplement their feed with grass and bugs. We also add our farm-made raw apple cider vinegar to the water. At 6 weeks old, the birds are processed. Finished weights average around 4 pounds.

Our family loves the taste and tenderness of pastured birds. There is simply no comparison to factory farmed chicken! Knowing where our birds come from and how they were raised also seems to make them taste just a little bit better!